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Like A Military Coup

It’s a wound far deeper
Than the normal stab of a knife
A suicidal bomb
That keeps blowing at time fragments
It’s like a prickly porcupine…
Moving in my intestines cutting and pricking
Like a crafty chameleon, changing colours
The colours of pain it’s painting in my valves
Coating multiple layers with pointed brushes
Dressing up my system with this horrible pain
Its is destined to stay forever, destined never to go
Destined to keep me broken … never let me grow
I smash my head against the wall, fists against the mirror
Anything to get rid of it, the pain wont even quiver
Should I run in front of a truck? Or have daggers stabbed at my back?
What to do? To get this pain off my track?
It saturates my mind; like a military coup it takes over
Dictates my thoughts, my actions, my desire –
Against me – coercing my rebel platelets to conspire …


New World Order

The world is keeping me in bounds
I’m trying to get a flight over the grounds
Decades of time have seemed to pass now
Since the whole world is set against me
Resolved to blow off the fire in ME
The demon has risen, from its long long sleep
And taken my soul in control
Soon I’ll break free
Free of the chains, free of conventions
Free of all atrocities, free of this torment
Watch the other side of the mountain now
The red-hot metal they poked me with
I’m gonna shove it in their sockets and take it right through
My resolve is dying, wounded even by bleak swords
Resentment rises against my accord
Can’t retrieve what I already lost
The desire for vengeance will never be lost
Eventually the fire will ignite and burn
Leaving only ashes behind
As the New World Order will break free of THE bind!

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