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Don’t Waste Food!


It happens in weddings, in restaurants, in cafes, and even at home.
The poverty levels globally are sickening. Please, stop wasting food people!


How it must feel to be drugged …

There stands a forlorn tree, sad & isolated
his fellow comrades bruised, cut & castrated
He can see the human advance, planning his downfall
And he’s slowly closing his eyes, numbing himself to the pain to come
organs closed beforehand, he’s thinking as he’s cut down,
‘This is how it must feel to be drugged’ !! … 


I live between a savage group of humans
Each determined to slit opposing throats
Snarling at their back when out of sight
Drooling over small invitations of attack
Though they attempt to suppress,
They can never hide their instincts
Turning raw at the minutest smell of blood
Their eyes gleam yellow
Breathe runs ragged
I can detect saliva
Dripping in anticipation
Claws jut out as the first growl resounds
They bare their fangs, ready to strike
Rounding up on their prey
Stalking the target, sensing the kill
The growls turn into human cackles
They say words of scorn and take a leap
The fangs sink in, drawing deep gashes
They drink and feast on their own blood n meat
And the animals of the jungle smirk and take a back seat !

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