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Most inspirational sentence read in 2013? I’d quote Dostoevsky …

Here’s what I replied to a post by The Book Club of Karachi on Facebook, “The most inspirational sentence you read in 2013?”
I could choose once sentence from this passage maybe, but this whole passage is too brilliant to ignore. This stunned me probably like nothing else this year. A wonderful book and a wonderful writer, from which I hope to share more passages in the coming days.

‘Ofcourse, when Alyosha was in the monastery he believed entirely in miracles, but I dont think miracles ever confound a realist. Nor is it miracles that bring a realist to religion. If he is an unbeliever, a true realist will always find the strength & ability not to believe in a miracle, and if he is confronted with a miracle as an irrefutable fact, he will rather disbelieve his own senses than accept that fact. Or he may concede the fact and explain it away as a natural phenomenon until then unknown. In a realist, it is not miracles that generate faith, but faith that generates miracles. Once a realist becomes a believer, however, his very realism will make him accept the existence of miracles. The apostle Thomas said he would not believe until he saw, and when he saw, he said: ”My Lord and my God!”. Was it a miracle that made him believe? Most likely not. He believed only because he wanted to believe, and possibly he already believed in the secret recesses of his being.’

Fyodor Dostoevsky in The Brothers Karamazov.


The Web of Games

Beliefs are tradeable. Yes, I said it. They are tradeable, mouldable, transferable. As most of us are aware of by now, beliefs can also be bought. We are audacious enough to call ourselves originals. How unique is your belief? How unique is mine? Is it not bought from TV, sold through a book, or influenced through philosophy?

We are fools to believe in what we do, yet we are not naive. The web of games spun around us is indeed quite complex, and becoming increasingly so … finally, you will be caught in it.

Shakespearian Logic

I wrote this years and years ago. It does not reflect my current state of mind …. 

Here’s a Shakespearean dialogue: This world is a brothel and all the people in it are whores. Everyone has his or her price. Some of them have their stakes high; some are low. But eventually, every one of them sooner or later … bows down to pressure from the string-pullers.
Most of the people are too quick to make decisions – decisions based on shaky, treacherous assumptions. Old memories, old connections, ancient bond are brushed off like dust settled on a body tired after an exhausting journey.
Ego is important – YES! But when the time comes that it actually starts being a nuisance between you and the people you love, it is dangerous. It eats away everything, every feeling you have … every feeling you MIGHT have. And all you are left with is the overwhelming stubborn mindset: not to give in.
People betray you, they always will. It’s like a universal constant that will always stay by your side. But when the people you are counting on, blindly hanging on to with an impregnable faith leave you alone to face the music, who do you look for help?
Maybe it’s not bad being alone. Maybe it’s a better option. My business remains my business and I don’t meddle into others’. Maybe that is the way to go about your life. And if it’s a challenge – I can prove I can stay alone AND buoyant. I don’t agree with Pearl Jam. I have lost my faith cuz it’s an inside job today!


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