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Like A Military Coup

It’s a wound far deeper
Than the normal stab of a knife
A suicidal bomb
That keeps blowing at time fragments
It’s like a prickly porcupine…
Moving in my intestines cutting and pricking
Like a crafty chameleon, changing colours
The colours of pain it’s painting in my valves
Coating multiple layers with pointed brushes
Dressing up my system with this horrible pain
Its is destined to stay forever, destined never to go
Destined to keep me broken … never let me grow
I smash my head against the wall, fists against the mirror
Anything to get rid of it, the pain wont even quiver
Should I run in front of a truck? Or have daggers stabbed at my back?
What to do? To get this pain off my track?
It saturates my mind; like a military coup it takes over
Dictates my thoughts, my actions, my desire –
Against me – coercing my rebel platelets to conspire …


Wrap me ‘n Stash me

This is a Retrospective look at one of my phases during my high school days:
Pick me up
From the mess I’m sprawled upon
Hold me and wipe the dirt
Off my stained face
Wrap me in a cloth
Cuz I want to sleep … please
Just wrap me and stash me
In the corner of your room
Let me close my eyes, let me sleep
Let me dream, just let me die
I’m off to another galaxy
Please do not disturb
I’m roaming in space, I am sleeping
There are so many secrets I am keeping
Away from the noise of human vocal chords
Wrap me in a cloth
Wrap me and stash me
In the corner of your room
I am sleeping …

The Paradox that is Love

How one feels to be hurt
To be hurt by people who mean the world
People you’d sacrifice yourselves for, if need be
And how would it feel
When you cannot communicate the intensity of your emotion across
Marred by their insensitivity and your own alter-ego
Some would call it self-respect, some would call it fate
In the end, it’s just another pathway to hell’s gate
How would it feel, to despair
To scream at them outside, and
To bleed inside torn by blood love
To cry for them, as if tears made up of your very soul
To pray for them, as if praying for sins granted no penance
To fight a fight full of spite, how would it feel …
To know it’s a fight you’ll lose either way
When you know their triumph is despair for you
And your triumph is their despair
How would it feel, to counter an adversary as such,
An adversary you’d hate to hurt …
How would it feel, have you ever wondered?
What would you do with such ruthlessness?
When you try to get numb, when you surround yourself in ice
How would it feel for just one hot tear, painful as death itself
For just one such drop to vaporize ice?
How would it feel have you ever wondered?
To break a heart, I believe
It only needs love & hate
Have you ever felt
A contagious emotion such as love?
Have you ever wondered
About the irony that is love?
About the paradox that is love?

The fledgling minority

Our little adventures are ending
The best lot is occupying the comfy seats
Some of us have withered away
Some dangling by the sides, held by hope
Some of us just caught in indecision!
A minority stands resolute
Standing like miniature dolls
When you compare against the opposing force
The dolls holding their bodies together
Thoroughly battered n bruised
Faces scarred for eternity …
Rings under the eyes: dead!
BUT they stand firm
Etched determination on the pale faces
Un-willing to raise the white flag
A few more of them
And the quest will be alive again
Ready to overhaul the majority
The minority would become the authority!

Sadistic Cloning

I hate to see you grinning
Ur sumwhere behind me, leering all the time
And I search for you, I find you nowhere
I cut my skin, to catch ur reflection
on the white blood that flows
Cuz I hate to see you grinning
Caught in the frenzy of this,
This eye-less hurricane
Tossing n bossing me, dizzying my senses
You bring me into a dark tunnel
And you hit me everywhere, you ooze out my brain
Break my balls feeding em to the dogs
And you burn out my intestines
The garbage trucks carry me away – they recycle
And I come again at you, a plastic limb
I see houses full of whores and bloody pimps
It’s time when the surge raises its ugly head
Frothing up steam – I hiss and spat at you
I hit back at you, striking my blows with multiple magnitudes
And I fuck you there and then, my resolution breaks
You scream but I give shit, I rip you apart
I eat your flesh to mix it with mine
And I become you, your face, your body to cross the line
This time, I cackle, cuz I live your life through MINE !

New World Order

The world is keeping me in bounds
I’m trying to get a flight over the grounds
Decades of time have seemed to pass now
Since the whole world is set against me
Resolved to blow off the fire in ME
The demon has risen, from its long long sleep
And taken my soul in control
Soon I’ll break free
Free of the chains, free of conventions
Free of all atrocities, free of this torment
Watch the other side of the mountain now
The red-hot metal they poked me with
I’m gonna shove it in their sockets and take it right through
My resolve is dying, wounded even by bleak swords
Resentment rises against my accord
Can’t retrieve what I already lost
The desire for vengeance will never be lost
Eventually the fire will ignite and burn
Leaving only ashes behind
As the New World Order will break free of THE bind!

How it must feel to be drugged …

There stands a forlorn tree, sad & isolated
his fellow comrades bruised, cut & castrated
He can see the human advance, planning his downfall
And he’s slowly closing his eyes, numbing himself to the pain to come
organs closed beforehand, he’s thinking as he’s cut down,
‘This is how it must feel to be drugged’ !! … 

The Undertaker …

Walking the silent night
crunched dead leaves making the only noise
I wrap the cloak around me , it’s cold
I walk quietly in the cemetery
I am the undertaker!
I’m old and worn out
Seen so many lifeless bodies, so many lifeless souls
I’m numb to the acrid smell of death as I
Nonchalantly dig up another grave
I feel part of the soil which has refuged
Tones of decayed flesh buried 6 feet under
Ah the strange irony of my job, I love pyers
I make money when life expires
I live cuz people die, I pray for people to die!
My sadistic mind keeps me sane
Your sorrow is my only gain
As I cover another grave with marble
I get up, away from hysterical sobs and whimpers
I steel myself and walk quietly away
Into the depths of the black cemetery
I am the Undertaker ….


I live between a savage group of humans
Each determined to slit opposing throats
Snarling at their back when out of sight
Drooling over small invitations of attack
Though they attempt to suppress,
They can never hide their instincts
Turning raw at the minutest smell of blood
Their eyes gleam yellow
Breathe runs ragged
I can detect saliva
Dripping in anticipation
Claws jut out as the first growl resounds
They bare their fangs, ready to strike
Rounding up on their prey
Stalking the target, sensing the kill
The growls turn into human cackles
They say words of scorn and take a leap
The fangs sink in, drawing deep gashes
They drink and feast on their own blood n meat
And the animals of the jungle smirk and take a back seat !

The smile of a child

In the center of the street, under the street lamp
Sits an old face, with the same old story
Balancing two beautiful kids on his knees
Barefoot, one nibbles at the cap of an empty bottle
Their little innocent faces streaked with concern
I ask them for food, their hungry eyes say it all
They remain happily oblivious of the future
The faces tell me, they hardly need anything at all!
No craving for shoes to prevent cuts
Or food to quench the empty feeling in the guts
I smile at them – they smile back
Their big eyes twinkle
And I find myself smiling
At the strange peace these children radiate
I wonder how they do it?
Present such happy faces?
I am wondrous at the optimistic air?
They have nothing, I have it all! Why then?
I guess what they have is a clean heart
I ask them if they could just lend me one?
They are confused, they smile again
Grin shyly, take the food and trot away
The old head shakes his head knowingly, as if on cue
“Son, I had asked them once too”

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