Wrap me ‘n Stash me

This is a Retrospective look at one of my phases during my high school days:
Pick me up
From the mess I’m sprawled upon
Hold me and wipe the dirt
Off my stained face
Wrap me in a cloth
Cuz I want to sleep … please
Just wrap me and stash me
In the corner of your room
Let me close my eyes, let me sleep
Let me dream, just let me die
I’m off to another galaxy
Please do not disturb
I’m roaming in space, I am sleeping
There are so many secrets I am keeping
Away from the noise of human vocal chords
Wrap me in a cloth
Wrap me and stash me
In the corner of your room
I am sleeping …

About Hamza

A freebird at heart, I believe I am past the age where I can describe myself. I mean, haven’t we seen enough bastardisation of the most commonly used adjectives ? Unless I find something different to describe myself, freebird should do it !

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A piece by my real life best friend/childhood friend/one of the closest person in my life. My Zazuman, as he is there for me every time like a superhero no matter what…aaand he is heck of a writer!
    and he is a famous cricket blogger..been on TV too..ok I should stop or I will end up writing an entire post..

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