The Paradox that is Love

How one feels to be hurt
To be hurt by people who mean the world
People you’d sacrifice yourselves for, if need be
And how would it feel
When you cannot communicate the intensity of your emotion across
Marred by their insensitivity and your own alter-ego
Some would call it self-respect, some would call it fate
In the end, it’s just another pathway to hell’s gate
How would it feel, to despair
To scream at them outside, and
To bleed inside torn by blood love
To cry for them, as if tears made up of your very soul
To pray for them, as if praying for sins granted no penance
To fight a fight full of spite, how would it feel …
To know it’s a fight you’ll lose either way
When you know their triumph is despair for you
And your triumph is their despair
How would it feel, to counter an adversary as such,
An adversary you’d hate to hurt …
How would it feel, have you ever wondered?
What would you do with such ruthlessness?
When you try to get numb, when you surround yourself in ice
How would it feel for just one hot tear, painful as death itself
For just one such drop to vaporize ice?
How would it feel have you ever wondered?
To break a heart, I believe
It only needs love & hate
Have you ever felt
A contagious emotion such as love?
Have you ever wondered
About the irony that is love?
About the paradox that is love?


About Hamza

A freebird at heart, I believe I am past the age where I can describe myself. I mean, haven’t we seen enough rape of the most commonly used adjectives ? Unless I find something different to describe myself, freebird should do it !

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  1. this is intense!! boht khoob likha hai

  2. Very well written !! Love may be a paradox but it is the ultimate reality ….. The reason of ‘we’ being created !!!!

    • Hmm perhaps. Do you not sometimes feel though, that maybe we were created for something far bigger than love?

      • Nope……..I guess we were created to Love and spread Love !! Love itself includes all other goals in it !
        P.s By Love I mean ‘ISHQ-E-HAQIQUI’ here !!

    • Yes, I understand what you mean by love. I just think, that ‘love’ is too simple and misunderstood a term to use to define the meaning of life. But that’s just the way I see it. Thanks for visiting my blog and finding the time to comment on it : )

      • Yes I know everyone has its own perspective specially when it comes to the most complicated thing Love…I guess it mostly depends on your own life experiences ! It was nice meeting you 🙂

    • It was nice meeting you too. Keep posted for more : ) I saw on your profile you have 2 blogs?

  3. Thanks for following on ~Just thinking~ looking forward to reading more of your post as well!
    Again, thanks!

  4. Reading your comments and those of White Pearl… if I could just add?
    Love is the greatest call in Life.. to learn Love and to live Love rightly is the greatest challenge and highest achievement one can attain… 🙂

    • I guess I am still too young to be able to agree to that opinion Marcus : ) As of now, I believe there must be something more to life than love, that maybe empathy is a greater emotion than love. Not sure though … still learning.

      Thanks for finding this worthy of comments : ) Keep visiting here !

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